Prof. M. Aslam

The collaboration with Prof. Aslam is enabling us to foray into photophysics involving graphene in different forms

Prof. Kamendra P. Sharma

We are exploring microenvironments of liquid proteins in collaboration with Prof. Kamendra P. Sharma

Prof. Peter Karuso

We have had a very fruitful collaboration with Prof. Peter Karuso's group on the excited state dynamics of second generation of protein stains

Prof. Aliasgar Q. Contractor

Prof. Contractor has been the inspiration behind our forays into the study of materials. We have collaborated on the topic of conductivity of photoacid doped polyaniline films

Prof. Samrat Mukhopadhyay

Ultrafast and ultraslow dynamics of solvation in intrinsically disordered proteins prepared by Prof. Mukhopadhyay's group are of significant interest to us

Prof. Anil Kumar

We have collaborated with Prof. Anil Kumar's group on the AIEE project

Prof. Goutam K. Lahiri

We are indebted to Prof. Lahiri for several of our fluorophores and his advice which serves as a guide for our curiosity about metal ion complexes

Prof. Xavier Franck

Ultrafast dynamics of epicocconone derivatives synthesized by Prof. Franck's group have been studied in order to understand the photophysics of this class of compounds

Prof. Sambasivarao Kotha

Our collaboration is on truxane and other fluorescent compound synthesized in Prof. Kotha's laboratory

Excited state dynamics of perovskites prepared by Prof. Sarkar's group is being studied by us

Exotic semiconductor quantum dots prepared by Prof. Leela's group is of high interest to us