Courses taught by Prof. Anindya Datta, with active participation of students and postdoctoral fellows from the group as well as from other groups: CH-107: Physical Chemistry, CH-229: Chemical thermodynamics, CH-426: Rate processes in Chemistry, CH-442: Molecular Spectroscopy, and CH-801: Symmetry in Chemistry, CH-808: Ultrafast processes in chemistry. Some of these courses are freely available on YouTube, courtesy NPTEL:

This is a comprehensive course on molecular spectroscopy. We start with dispersive and Fourier transform spectroscopic techniques, go on to derive selection rules from Time dependent perturbation theory, develop a quantum mechanical treatment of spin resonance spectroscopy and then move on to a discussion of spectra of polyatomic molecules using symmetry. This course is the same as CH 442 of IIT Bombay

This course is specifically designed for the BTech/BE engineering students. An appropriate contribution from all the core areas of chemistry (physical, inorganic, and organic) has been assembled here to provide the students an in-depth understanding of the fundamental topics. Additionally, the course outline has been designed to ensure the exposure of the students to chemistry-related interdisciplinary topics that will aid the students later in their core subject areas.